But there is one more question…


And the Messenger (Muhammad ) will say: “O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur’an (neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and orders).

Surah Al-Furqan: 30

I think it is commonly known among Muslims that we will be questioned in our graves after we die, but the hadith that is commonly narrated is about three questions. However, there is also a fourth question that we will be asked, as narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari.

“Two angels come to him, make him sit up and ask him, ‘Who is your Lord?’ He [the believing soul] will reply, ‘My Lord is Allah.’ They will then ask, ‘What is your religion?’ and he will reply, ‘My religion is Islam.’ They will ask, ‘Who is this man who was sent among you?’ and he will say, ‘He is the Messenger of Allah.’ They will then ask, ‘What was the source of your knowledge?’ and he will reply, ‘I have read Allah’s Book, believed in it, and declared it to be true.’”

Sahih Bukhari, vol. 2, pp.257-258, no.456

How will we be able to answer that question in the grave if we have not read the Qur’an or taken the time to understand it?


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