2,288 women martyred, 22,744 widowed, 9,984 molested in Kashmir


Srinagar, November 25 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, 2,288 women were among 93,515 civilians martyred during the last 21 years due to the unabated acts of Indian state terrorism.

According to a report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today, on the occasion of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” Indian troops molested 9,984 women during the period and the state terrorism rendered 22,744 women widowed. The report maintained that Kashmiri women had been the worst affectees of the harrowing conflict since January 1989.

The report deplored that the troops had been routinely involved in sexual harassment of Kashmiri women to suppress the ongoing liberation struggle. It further pointed out that although men had been subjected to enforced disappearances, but women had been adversely affected because of being related to the disappeared persons as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. The report said, women constitute a considerable number of mental patients, which is well over one hundred thousand, due to the violence perpetrated by the troops.


Israeli soldiers who used Palestinian child as a human shield spared jail


Since April 2004, there have been 16 reported
cases of Palestinian children being used as
human shields by the Israeli army

Two Israeli soldiers convicted of using a
nine-year old child as a human shield in Gaza
in January 2009, received only a demotion and
3-month suspended sentence on November 1.

During the soldiers’ trial in October, Majid
Rabah said he feared for his life. “I thought
they would kill me. I became very scared and
wet my pants,” he said in an affidavit.

When Israeli troops moved into Tal el-Hawah
on the night of January 14, 2009, Majid’s
family moved to the basement of their
apartment block.

The soldiers from the Givati Brigade shot
through the door separated the men from the
women and children.

Majed said he was hiding behind his mother in
one corner of the basement when a soldier
grabbed him by the shoulder.

“The other soldier dragged me along to
another corner of the basement where there
are two small toilet rooms,” said Majed.

Speaking to Majed in Hebrew, a language Majed
does not speak, the soldiers pointed to two
bags located inside the toilet.

“I didn’t understand what they wanted, but
then I realised that it was because they
thought the bags were going to explode and
they wanted me to open them,” he said. “They
stood outside the toilet, behind a concrete
wall and they made me open the bags.”

Majed said he opened the first bag easily,
finding nothing but papers.

”I could not open the second bag, it was too
difficult. Because the soldiers thought the
bags had explosives, I also thought they were
going to explode. I was shaking and could not
keep my hands still.”

Unable to open the second bag, Majed said one
of the soldiers slapped him in the face, and
then fired two rounds into the bag.

Majid’s mother, Fatma, slammed the sentence
as too lenient.

“It is completely unfair, because it was
supposed to be more than this. Honestly, the
fear that we felt in those moments, the fear
that came after that and the negative side-
effects to the child – [the soldiers] deserve

The two soldiers forced him to open a number
of bags that they suspected contained

The term “human shield” describes the act of
a military group or personnel to either place
civilians around a combat group to deter
enemy fire or to literally shield their
bodies using that of the civilian. Civilians
are usually threatened or physically coerced
into performing these tasks, most of the time
at gunpoint. The practice is illegal under
the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The Israeli military has been accused of
using this tactic since the 2002 attack on
the Jenin refugee camp, despite the Fourth
Geneva Convention, reports of the continued
use of this tactic abound, with multiple
instances reported during the Israeli war on

Following the lenient sentences, Deputy
Speaker of the Knesset, Ahmed Tibi, stated:

“The entire system conveys the message that
the life of an Arab, especially the life of a
Palestinian child, is worth less. It’s no
surprise that up to now, hundreds of
Palestinian children have been killed by the
Israeli army, and it has not led to any
punishments or even condemnation.”

In the latest case documented by Defence for
Children International (DCI) Palestine, a 13-
year-old boy from a village near Nablus, in
the occupied West Bank, was beaten and then
forced at gunpoint to search and open doors
in a house where the army suspected a wanted
person might be hiding.

Since April 2004, DCI-Palestine has
documented 16 cases involving Palestinian
children being used as human shields by the
Israeli army. Fifteen of the 16 cases
occurred after the Israeli High Court of
Justice ruled the practice to be illegal in
October 2005, suggesting that the army is not
effectively implementing the Court’s
decision, or simply disregarding the Court’s
order altogether.


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British Soldiers accused of Raping Iraqi Youth

It has been reported in the UK press that the Military police are investigating allegations that British soldiers repeatedly raped and mutilated an Iraqi civilian worker on one of their bases who was only 18 years old at the time.

The allegations are bound to cause extreme embarrassment to Britain and lead to renewed hatred against Britain amongst Muslims all over the world and in the UK.

Lawyers for the man are next week planning on issuing their own legal proceedings against the government in the British civil courts perhaps in recognition that the Military have a habit of looking after their own in such investigations. The barrister Sir Ken Macdonald QC has been recruited, who was the top prosecutor in England and Wales until last year.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations the government has still refused an independent inquiry, instead handing it over the Royal Military Police whose record on solving crimes by serving British serviceman is poor.

The Iraqi man was working for the British army as a labourer at Camp Breadbasket in Basra, the scene of other many other abuse allegations against British soldiers such as the ones in the picture – left.

He alleges in May, 2003, that two soldiers from the British army raped him and beat him to a 15-minute terrorising ordeal. They are then said to have slashed his arms and body with a knife, threatening him if he told anyone.

He was treated in hospital for the cuts and the Royal Military police are understood to have secured the medical records and there are sworn statements of his injuries and that he was seen leaving the room the two soldiers had been in.

The man called Samir in his statement does not want his real name to be known, and was only 18 at the time of the abuse.

In his sworn statement he says he was attacked after accidentally entering a room where two male soldiers were engaged in a sexual act according to the Guardian newspaper. His witness statement says: “The room was fairly small, perhaps about four metres by four metres.”

He said one soldier pulled him into the room and punched him in the face, while another blocked the exit to prevent his escape or raising the alarm: “The man who had punched me was stronger than me, he grabbed me by the neck and kicked my legs from under me and I fell to the floor. I fell on my back. He took out a knife and held it against my neck … I was terrified that they were going to kill me at this point. The other soldier started to rip my trousers down … I started screaming. He then pulled my underwear down. All this time the other man was holding me down and putting the knife against my throat. They then flipped me on to my stomach.”

Samir says both soldiers then took it in turn to rape him, then slashed him with the knife, leaving him in “unbearable” agony. He says he left the room and other soldiers helped him to get medical attention for the knife wounds but not one British soldier has come forward to report this abuse, which if true would be typical of such institutions to cover their own even when guilty of the most vile acts.

His solicitor, Daniel Carey said: “The psychiatrist’s, conclusions were that he was suffering from depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety as a result of the incident. We also interviewed two other Iraqis who were present with [the victim] at the base and saw him enter the room where he says he was raped and witnessed his distress and injuries following the attack.”In the witness statement, Samir says: “It fills me with such shame to talk about this, even with my solicitors. I have broken down telling them of what happened.”

Samir said he had not told his wife or family what allegedly happened to him and has since then tried to harm and kill himself.

Rape by occupying forces is a terrifying fact of life for Iraqi women but raping of men is an increasing phenomenon with Western armed forces allowing homosexuals to serve and it seems service their desires as they wish just like their hetrosexual counterparts and it was revealed that over half of the soldiers raped by their own fellows are men not women in a recent US armed forces report – there is sexual equality for you!

The British government, in letters seen by the Guardian, is trying to have the legal case struck out. It says the fact the victim waited six years to make his claim means he has not brought his case in time, so silencing him on a matter of a technicality. Carey said: “I deplore the government’s cynicism in seeking to avoiding accountability by relying on technical rules of the court about the delay in bringing the claim.”

The armed forces minister, Bill Rammell, told the UK press: “Allegations must not be taken as fact and formal investigations must be allowed to take their course without judgments being made prematurely.”

Only 1 in 20 reported rapes in the UK leads to a conviction, with as many as 1 in 4 women, 1/4 of the population suffering a rape or attempted rape in their lifetime and the vast majority of these cases not being reported to the Police.

The conviction rate for Rape by the Military Police is even lower than that in the UK civilian police forces and yet the Government has signed over all such investigations over to the Military authorities even when they occur in the UK by British servicemen who are off duty.


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Boy raped sisters after sex lesson

The boy has been given three years youth custody A boy of 13 who raped his two younger sisters after watching a sex education film at school has been given three years youth custody.

The youngster’s parents turned their son over to police after their daughters revealed what happened two years after the attacks.

He told police he ‘wanted to see what sex felt like’ after seeing the video, York Crown Court heard.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted rape.

The girls are now having counselling.


And I believe he meant every single word…

ما مِنْ ليلةٍ يُهدى إليَّ فيه عروسٌ أنا لها مُحِبّ أحبُّ إليَّ مِن ليلة شديدةِ البرد ، كثيرة الجليد ، في سريَّةٍ أصبِّحُ فيها العَدُوَّ

رواه أبو يعلى 

A night in which I was married to a bride, whom I am in love with, would not be dearer to me than a night of extreme cold and ice. Amongst a campaign attacking the enemy within the early hours.

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