Prisoners in Egypt’s Tora Istiqbaal prison under attack by security agencies


Cageprisoners has received news from the Tora Istiqbaal prison complex just outside Cairo, Egypt that hundreds of prisoners are being attacked by the security forces in a pre-emptive action taken against political inmates.



31 January 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Prisoners in Egypt’s Tora Istiqbaal prison under attack by security agencies

Cageprisoners has received news from the Tora Istiqbaal prison complex just outside Cairo, Egypt that hundreds of prisoners are being attacked by the security forces in a pre-emptive action taken against political inmates.

In a phone call to Cageprisoners Director, Moazzam Begg, from inside the prison wing  – which houses over a hundred men –  sounds of screaming, shouting and banging could be heard as one man, a close relative of a former Guantanamo detainee, described the scene:

“They have entered the prison complex armed and are trying to provoke us into confrontation. I think they want to hurt us badly – or even kill us. They want to exact revenge from us because of what is happening outside, the tyrants we struggled against are about to fall. We have bared our chests and are prepared for the worst they can throw at us, but we want the world to know what is happening here so they are under no illusions about what is happening in our country. We will not allow them to enter. We have risen. Allah is with us.”

Several prisoners have already been reported killed by security services during clashes yesterday at Abu Zaabal prison and it is feared that a similar fate awaits the inmates of Tora Istiqbaal.

The Egyptian Government has a notorious record of torture and carrying out summary trials against opposition organisations – particularly in relation to Islamic groups.

This week both US and UK foreign ministers expressed displeasure at the prospect of Islamic opposition taking power in Egypt. Whilst accepting that the west had no business in trying to appoint the leadership of the country William Hague added: “We would not want to see a government based on the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The situation at the Tora Istiqbaal prison is at critical level and many more lives could be lost unless a firm message is sent to the Egyptian leadership.

Cageprisoners calls on the Governments of the US and UK to stop using language that endangers the lives of the oppositions groups in Egypt and on what’s left of the Egyptian regime to abstain from further harming its own citizens.

Aafia Siddiqui 650 | Nasheed | Muslim Belal, Masikah & Spitz

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Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women


If men and women are equal, why have males been the dominant sex virtually throughout history? Here, geneticist Moir and BBC- TV writer-producer Jessel argue convincingly that the answer lies in the difference between the male and female brain. Writing with clarity and style, and documenting their data every step of the way, Moir and Jessel explain how the embryonic brain is shaped as either male or female at about six weeks, when the male fetus begins producing hormones that organize its brain’s neural networks into a male pattern; in their absence, the brain will be female. Not surprisingly, there are endless variations in degree of maleness, and mishaps can lead to a male brain in a female body and vice versa. Moir and Jessel include a brain sex test that lets the reader discover just how masculine or feminine his (or her) brain is. For the nonscientist, they translate considerable research into the structural and organizational differences between male and female brains, demonstrating how these differences make men more aggressive and competitive and better at skills that require spatial ability and mathematical reasoning, and women more sensitive to nuances of expression and gesture, more adept at judging character. Women, it seems, are more people-oriented than men, who are more interested in things. Moir and Jessel assert that it is necessary to “accept who we are before arguing about what we should be,” and that denying gender differences means ignoring their value. A literate, entertaining, and, for some, surely wrath- provoking presentation of scientific data about the differences between the sexes.

Bad Men (Guantanamo bay and the secret prisons)

Clive Stafford Smith is the 46-year-old human-rights lawyer who has famously – some would say notoriously – spent more than twenty years in the United States representing prisoners on Death Row. His clients include many detainees in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and he established the London-based charity Reprieve, developed to defending human rights in 1999. His book is quite simply, devastating, and many will laugh and cry reading it: laugh in disbelief, and cry in despair at the utter inhumanity and lack of imagination wrapped up in hypocrisy so enormous that it beggars understanding. Yet even in the face of insurmountable odds, Clive Stafford Smith remains an optimist. Few could maintain his capacity for work and his commitment to his clients if he allowed frustration or despair to divert him. His experiences, graphically recounted in this book, have enabled him to shine a bright, unblinking light into the darkest corners of illegality that are being justified by governments in the name of the War on Terror.

For a man to die in a state of ignorance, is better for him..

لأن يموت الرجل جاهلا ، خير له من أن يقول ما لا يعلم

Ibn Sareen (May Allah have mercy on him) said:

“For a man to die in a state of ignorance, is better for him then to speak about that which he has no knowledge of.”

Said by the shaykh in jaami’ bayaan al-ilm 2/54

When I leave from my house…

قال أبو سليمان الداراني: إني لأخرج من منزلي فما يقع بصري على شيء إلا رأيت لله عليّ فيه نعمة ولي فيه عبرة.

Abu Sulaimaan al-Daarani who said, “When I leave from my house, my sight does not fall upon anything save that I see in it a blessing from Allah upon me as well as a lesson in it for me.”

(Tafseer ibn Katheer)

Poet said:

إذا المرء كانت له فكرة *** ففي كل شيء له عبرة

If one is able to think

Then, in everything is a lesson for him.

May Allah make us from the muttaffakiroon.

More on the issue in Arabic:

Dhikr is obedience to Allah

والذكر طاعة الله فمن أطاع الله فقد ذكره ومن لم يطعه فليس بذاكر وإن أكثر التسبيح وتلاوة القرآن

Saeed ibn jubair said: “Dhikr is obedience to Allah. Whoever obeys Allah has in fact remembered Him. Whoever does not obey Him is not one who is remembering Him, even if he says tasbeeh and recites the Book a lot.”

(Sharh as-sunnah)

The Greatest Blessing in Jannah


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