Who is Abdul Hakim Gellani


Background information on Abdul Hakim Gellani:
• 45 year-old

• UK passport confiscated by Saudi authorities

• Re-arrested in 2007 without warrant or charge

On 8 August 2007 Abdul Hakim Gellani, a British citizen and businessman of Yemeni heritage, was abducted by Saudi intelligence services from Al-Mordjane hotel in Mecca. He disappeared. On 25 September 2007, the Saudi authorities acknowledged his arrest but not his location. In February 2008, the government released a statement accusing him of money laundering. In August 2008, the Saudi authorities claimed that he “will be referred to the judiciary”. He has not been charged or tried, and his location is unknown.

Mr Gellani was first arrested by Saudi intelligence services at a hotel in Mecca after Hajj in November 2005. He was held for one year and eight months without charge or trial and subjected to severe physical and psychological torture. After attention from the British Consulate the tortured stopped, but he remained in prison. In May 2006, Mr Gellani began a hunger strike to protest his unlawful detention, hoping for release or at least charge or trial. He was released on 19 July 2006. He was never charged and has not appeared in court.

Mr Gellani was released on bail but Saudi authorities confiscated his UK passport so he could not leave or return home. His government “compensation” payment was stolen the day he was released. He obtained a new UK passport in Jeddah but this was also confiscated by Saudi authorities. Frustrated at the impasse, Mr Gellani’s wife arranged to relocate herself and their children, the youngest only a few months old, to Riyadh so they could be together until the situation resolved.

Aljazeera interview prompts re-arrest:
In May 2007 Mr Gellani was interviewed by Aljazeera. He discussed his experience of poor prison conditions, torture and UK passport confiscation. In July, Mr Gellani was talking by phone to his wife confirming the family’s imminent arrival in Riyadh when the security services re-arrested him, confiscated his phone and took him to an unknown location. The authorities denied any knowledge of him, stating that Mr Gellani “has not been arrested and was not being detained”. For the first three months, in apparent punishment for his criticism in the Aljazeera interview, he was kept in a tiny cell unable to stand.

Since then, Mr Gellani has been moved to three different prisons. He has not been charged or tried in over five years.

Impact on family:
British citizens in the UK, the Gellani family is devastated. On the day of his arrest, his mother had a stroke from the shock and remains chronically ill. Mr Gellani is permitted to call his wife and three children irregularly for about five minutes at a time, but close monitoring by guards means open discussion is not possible.

UN intervention:
On 15 August 2008 the WGEID submitted Mr Gellani’s case to the Government of Saudi Arabia. This has been ignored.

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