Points to aid memorization of Al-Quran Al-Kareem


I will prepare/present in this section, the most important fundamental principles which are concerned for the rigorous reciter in memorization of al-Quran al-karim. InshAllah
1: Sincerity is the secret of success and victory is from Allah.
2: “Memorization in the youth is like etching in stone”
3: Choosing the time of memorization
4: Choosing the place of memorization
5: Excellent reading (with tajweed) and proper intonation and sound with the Quran.
6: Confiding oneself to one particular edition of the mushaf
7: Correct reading (done) before memorization
8: Working with the portion (every dua amount) for memorization as a task towards memorization, choose a certain portion for memorization daily so that its memorization remains.
9: Working repeatedly with a portion cements its retention of new memorized portion from escaping.
10: Daily memorization is better than occasional memorization
11: Slow measured memorization is better than quick and impulsive memorization
12: Concentration on that which is doubtful (to you), protects one from doubt in memorization
13: Attachment with a qualified teacher
14: Concentrating the sight during the memorization of the verses for the mind to follow the pages.
15: Linking memorization and reading with practice, obligatory following and leaving off sins and disobedience
16: Organized repetition and review cements memorization
17: Complete understanding is the means for complete memorization
18: Strong motivation and personal desire (is required) in memorization
19: Turning to Allah with Dua and seeking from from Him is very important in memorizing the Quran.

The above points in Arabic: http://www.markaz1.com/Pages/Subjects/Details.aspx?Id=57
The above was translated by my respected teacher Shaykh Hasan, with slight amendments by myself, from the Arabic book: كيف تحفظ القران الكريم قواعد أساسية و طرق عملية
Authored by: يحيى بن عبد الرزاق الغوثاني

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