Secret shame of Egypt’s army: Women protesters were forced to have ‘virginity checks’ after being arrested in Tahrir Square

Source: Daily Mail.UK

Detained: Eighteen women protesters were detained in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and then subjected to horrific treatment, according to Amnesty International. There is no suggestion that any of the women in this photograph were arrested

Women arrested by the Egyptian police during protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square were subjected to forced ‘virginity tests’, according to Amnesty International.

Eighteen demonstrators were detained after army officers cleared the square on March 9 at the end of weeks of protest.

Amnesty today said that the women had been beaten, given electric shocks and then subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers.

They were then given ‘virginity checks’ and threatened with prostitution charges if medics ruled they had had sex, according to the charity.

She described being taken to a building within the Cairo Musuem complex where she could witnessed other women being tortured with electric shocks to the chest and legs.

Miss Azeb was released after several hours along with a number of male journalists. The other women were sent to Heikstep.

The group finally faced a military court on March 11 and were released on March 13.

Miss Hosseini   was covicted of disorderly conduct,  destroying private and public property, obstructing traffic and carrying weapons.

Amnesty has called for the Egyptian authorities to hold a full investigation into the alleged abuse.

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