Messages to the world

“A magnificent piece of eloquent, at times even poetic Arabic prose … in devising strategies to fight the terrorists, it would surely be useful to understand the forces that drive them.” – Bernard Lewis, Foreign Affairs “Western Media have made no consistent effort to publish bin Laden’s statements, thereby failing to give their audience the words that put his thoughts and actions in cultural and historical context … Bin Laden has been precise in telling America the reasons he is waging war on us. None of the reasons have anything to do with US policies and actions in the Muslim world.” – Michael Scheuer, author of Imperial Hubris: Why The west Is Losing The War On Terror, was a senior CIA analyst and former chief of the bin Laden unit from 1996 to 1999 “Despite the religious rhetoric and the bloody means, bin Laden is a rational man. There is a simple reason why he attacked the US: American imperialism. As long as America seeks to control the Middle East, he and people like him will be its enemy.” – Michael Mann, Incoherent Empire

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