March 5, 2012
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
  • Zayd Ibn Aslam narrated upon his father that ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab used to pray the night prayer for as long as Allah had decreed for him. When the last part of the night arrived he would wake his family saying: ‘The Prayer! The Prayer! And he would recite the verse:

    وأمر أهلك بالصلاة

    “And command your family to pray.” [Taha: 132] “At-Tahajjud wa Qiyaam Al-Layl”
  • ‘Uthmaan Al-Haatimee said:
    I heard Ibn ‘Umar say to a man: Discipline your children because you will be asked: How did you discipline your child? What did you teach them? Ash-Shu’ab” (8295)
  • Thaabit Ibn ‘Ubaid said:
    Zayd Ibn Thaabit was the most joyful of people to his family. Ash-Shu’ab” (7852)
  • Sufyaan Ibn ‘Uyainah said: I heard Abu Sanaa Darraar Ibn Murrah say:
    Today I milked the animals and provided my family with water to drink. It used to be said: The best of you are the most beneficial of you to your families. “Ash-Shu’ab” (7855)
  • Saalih the son of Ahmed Ibn Hanbal said:
    Whenever a righteous, pious man who wasn’t tempted by the beauties of this world came to visit, my father would send for me so that I could see them. He loved for me to be like them. “As-Siyar” (12/530)
  • Al-Hasan (Al-Basri) said:
  • May Allah have mercy upon the one who admonishes themselves and their family by saying: Oh my family; your prayer! Your prayer! Your Zakaat! Your Zakaat! Your neighbours! Your neighbours! The poor and needy! The Poor and needy! Hopefully Allah will have mercy upon you on the day of judgement. Verily Allah praised the slave who behaves like this; He said:

    وكان يأمر أهله بالصلاة والزكاة وكان عند ربه مرضيا

    “And he used to command his family to pray and give the Zakaat ,
    and his Lord was pleased with him.” [Maryam: 53] “Al-‘Iyaal” (1/506)
  • Sufyaan Ath-Thawri said:
    “It is proper for a man to force his child to acquire knowledge because he will be asked about this.” “As-Siyar” (7/273)
Taken from the Book “Narrrations of the Salaf” (273-274)
Zakarriiyyah Ibn Ghulaam Al-Baakistaani
Translated by Hassan as-Somali

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