In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation

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About the book:

This bestselling Coursebook addresses the need for a systematic approach to training in translation studies by drawing on key areas in modern linguistic theory and relating them systematically to a number of translation problems and strategies. The strategies are identified by an examination of authentic examples of translated texts in a variety of languages. No knowledge of linguistics or foreign languages is assumed. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the key linguistic concepts referred to and ends with a series of practical exercises. By striking a balance between theory and practice, the book provides a sound basis for training professional translators.

Download: In Other Words – Mona Baker (The Zart Systems).pdf – – document sharing – download – Slight Hope

Below has her in a interview. Beware the vid has women without proper hijab, so remember the ahkaam in such matters.

…your son was released before you, would you not then be pleased?

مات لرجل ولد فعزاه سفيان بن عيينة و آخرون و هو في حزن شديد حتى جاءه الفضيل بن عياض فقال: يا هذا أرأيت لو كنت في سجن و ابنك, فأفرج عن ابنك قبلك أما كنت تفرح؟؟ قال: بلى, قال: فإن ابنك خرج من سجن الدنيا قبلك, فسري عن الرجل و قال: تعزيت 

 تسلية أهل المصائب

A man’s child passed away, so Sufyan ibn Uyaynah رحمة الله عليه and others gave him condolences for he was in severe grief. Until Fudail ibn ‘Iyad رحمة الله عليه came and said: O you! Do you not see if you and your son were in prison and your son was released before you, would you not then be pleased? The man replied: Of course. Fudail said: ‘Then your son has left the prison of this dunya before you. The grief left the man, and he said: “You have given a (proper) condolence.”