In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation

Looks good. If some one could upload it on to scribd would be good:

About the book:

This bestselling Coursebook addresses the need for a systematic approach to training in translation studies by drawing on key areas in modern linguistic theory and relating them systematically to a number of translation problems and strategies. The strategies are identified by an examination of authentic examples of translated texts in a variety of languages. No knowledge of linguistics or foreign languages is assumed. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the key linguistic concepts referred to and ends with a series of practical exercises. By striking a balance between theory and practice, the book provides a sound basis for training professional translators.

Download: In Other Words – Mona Baker (The Zart Systems).pdf – – document sharing – download – Slight Hope

Below has her in a interview. Beware the vid has women without proper hijab, so remember the ahkaam in such matters.

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