That’s the way I think

This book helps readers to understand how dyslexics feel and how they develop coping strategies; it will be enlightening for dyslexic people themselves, their parents and teachers/tutors. It contains anecdotes and stories of personal experiences.

From the Back Cover
The effects of dyslexia reach far beyond the traditionally considered areas of literacy and study, influencing entire lives and shaping personalities.

That’s the Way I Think gives a unique insight into the emotions and coping strategies of young people with dyslexia. The non-academic style of this book, including many anecdotes and personals insights, will immediately strike a chord with anyone who has first- or second-hand experience of this condition.

Many dyslexic people additionally have dyspraxia and/or ADHD this book also considers the further challenges presented by these overlapping conditions.

This is essential and enlightening reading for dyslexic people themselves, their parents/carers and their teachers or tutors.


Personally I would recommend this book for everyone.