Except him being a scholar of the Arabic language…

قال مالك رحمه الله : لا أوتي برجل،غير عالم بلغة العرب، يفسر كتاب الله إلا جعلته نكالا 

Imam Malik (R)  said: 

No man can come to me explaining the book of Allah, while not being a scholar of the Arabic language. Except I shall make an example of him.

مجاهد :” لايحل لأحد يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر أن يتكلم في كتاب الله إن لم يكن عالماً بلغات العرب

Mujaahid (R) said: 

It is not allowed for anyone who believes in Allah and the last day to speak about the book of Allah, except him being a scholar of the Arabic dialects.

قال الزهري إنما أخطأ الناس في كثير من تأويل القران لجهلهم بلغة العرب

Imam Zuhri (R) said: The people only erred in many of their explanations of the Quran, due to their ignorance of the Arabic language.

The above are quotes I took from Shaykh Saalih Munajjid’s series: منهج السلف في الاستدلال و التلقي

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  1. abdullah said,

    June 24, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    May Allah make us learn Arabic language as early as possible. Ameen.

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