Surah al Asr Brief illustrated Explanation-Nouman Ali Khan


A Statement and Clarification of Al-Salafiyyah

I have no idea why the blank pages have occured during the scanning, if  someone can fix that I would be grateful. Jazak Allah khairan. Any typos or corrections please do inform me inshAllah.


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A tear that is worth more than a thousand raindrops…

 قال ابن الجوزي : قطرة دمع على الخد أنفع من ألف مطرة على الأرض .

“A tear that runs down a believer’s cheek is more beneficial than a thousand raindrops on the earth” ~ Ibn al-Jawzi.

Originally saw this tweeted by Yasir Qadi.

Note* The Arabic I found did not include the word (believer). Allah knows best.

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