I left him and he was making du’a for her.

Courtesy of Livingundermercy OfAllah

Ali bin Abi Fazarah said:

My mother was not able to walk for twenty years so she said to me one day: ‘Go to Ahmad bin Hanbal and ask him to pray for me‘. So I went to him while he was in a dark room. 

He said, ‘Who is there?’ 

I said, ‘A man whose mother cannot walk and asked you for du’a.’ 

I heard an angry voice and he said, ‘We are more in need that you make du’a to Allah for us.’ 

When I left, an old woman came out and said: ‘I left him [i.e. Ahmad] and he was making du’a for her.’

I returned home and knocked the door and my mother came out walking.

[Al-Thahabi’s ‘Siyar’, 11/177-358]

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