Another Hamza Yusuf blunder

[1] Regarding Abu Al’aa Al-Ma’ari, then Ibn Katheer (rahimahu Allah) said in Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya 12/91, after mentioning one of the verses of Abu Al-‘Alaa and pointing out the heresy in them, he said:

ولما عزم الفقهاء على أخذه بهذا وأمثاله هرب ورجع إلى بلده، ولزم منزله فكان لا يخرج منه

“And when the Fuqaha intended (or set forth) to taking him (punishing him) for this and its likes, he escaped and returned back to his town, and remained in his home where he did not use to leave it”

So I am not sure were he got that they just let him be because they like his poetry, not that the story he mentioned even count as evidence

[2] Regarding Al-Nakh’ie (May Allah have Mercy on him), Al-Imam Al-Bukhari narrates in his Saheeh, under the Chapter of: The Ruling of the Apostate man, and woman, and asking them to repent, he said:

بَابُ حُكْمِ المُرْتَدِّ وَالمُرْتَدَّةِ وَاسْتِتَابَتِهِمْ
وَقَالَ ابْنُ عُمَرَ وَالزُّهْرِيُّ، وَإِبْرَاهِيمُ: «تُقْتَلُ المُرْتَدَّةُ»ـ

Al-Bukhari said: “And Ibn Umar, Al-Zuhri, and Ibrahim said: The woman who apostates shall be killed”.

Ibrahim quoted by Al-Bukhari here is Ibrahim Al-Nakhie (rahimahu Allah) as can be found in the narration of Abdulrazzaq, and was pointed out by various commentators on Al-Bukhari. Al-Qastalaani (rahimahu Allah), for example, said:

(وإبراهيم) النخعي فيما أخرجه عبد الرزاق أيضًا (تقتل) المرأة (المرتدة) إن لم تتب

And Ibrahim is Al-Nakhie as was narrated by Abdulrazzaq as well, that the Murtada shall be killed if she did not repent.

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[3] The third point is his claim that Abu Hanifa (rahimahu Allah) did not rule that the woman who apostates should be killed because the narration that woman [in war] shall not be killed is Mutawatir, and the other is Ahaad?! I do not know where or who from among the scholars of the Hanafi Mazhab gave this as the justification of Abu Hanifa (rahimahu Allah) ruling, because I read several presentation of the Hanafi view in their books, and am yet to see anyone use this Ahaad vs. Mutawatir claim.

And Allah knows best

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