So, is there anything weaker than this?!

محمد بن يزيد بن خنيس المكي قال سمعت سفيان الثوري سئل عن قوله تعالى وخلق الإنسان ضعيفا ما ضعفه قال المرأة تمر بالرجل فلا يملك نفسه عن النظر إليها ولا هو ينتفع بها فأي شيءأضعف من هذا

 Sufyan al-Thawri (رحمة الله) was asked about the saying of Allah , “And man was created weak.” (4:28) What is his weakness? He replied: 

“A women passes by a man, and the man can not prevent himself from looking at her and he attains no benefit from it. So is there anything weaker than this?!”

Hilyatul Awliya

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