Yusuf bin yahya Albowayti رحمة الله عليه

Many of us know of the tribulations that Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal رحمة الله عليه suffered during the trials of the creation of the Quran fiasco.

But their was a great imam by the name of يوسف بن يحي البويطي Yusuf bin yahya Albowayti that some maybe unaware of.

He was a major student of imam shafi’ رحمة الله عليه in fact he was given the position of leading his halaqat of ilm by the imam directly before passing away and this caused others to fall prey to shaytan’s arrows of envy, consequently leading some to make charges against him and report him to the rulers.

Eventually he was taken to Baghdad shackled with iron chains and trialled. But he maintained the Quran was the word of Allah and not a creation of Allah. Being of only four ulema who stood their ground.

Eventually his firmness lead him to incarceration and it his here I wish to translate something particularly moving about his legacy رحمة الله عليه.

Imam subki رحمة الله عليه narrates in his tabaqaat ash-shaafiyyah:

كان البويطى وهو فى الحبس يغتسل كل جمعة ويتطيب ويغسل ثيابه ثم يخرج إلى باب السجن إذا سمع النداء فيرده السجان ويقول ارجع رحمك الله فيقول البويطى اللهم إنى أجبت داعيك فمنعونى

Albowayti while in prison would perform ghusl every Friday and fragrance himself and wash his thobe. Then he would make his way to the door of the prison, after hearing the call to pray. At this, the prison guards would returns him saying ‘go back May Allah have mercy on you’. And Albowayti would say, ‘o Allah, verily I answered your call but they have prohibited me’

As events where to lead he رحمة الله عليه passed away in prison. But his legacy remains with us and his books are still invaluable to the fuqaaha and usooliyeen of al-Islam.

May Allah shower his mercy upon him رحمة الله عليه .

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