So what is our excuse


خالد بن وليد رضي الله عنه

لقد شغلني الجهاد في سبيل الله عن كثير من قراءة القرآن

تاريخ دمشق

Khalid bin Waleed رضي الله عنه would complain:

‘Jihad in the way of Allah has busied me from reading much Quran.’

Tareekh Dimishq

So what is our excuse?

New super hero in town


Don’t let it enter your hearts…


قيل: أن حب الدنيا يقتضي تعظيمها و هي حقيرة عند الله و من أكبر الذنوب تعظيم ما حقر الله عز وجل

It has been said:

Loving the dunya necessitates giving it a state of ennoblement (in the heart), yet it (dunya) is considered despicable with Allah.

And it is from the greatest sins to ennoble something which Allah despises.

Dark ages of America


Taken from Internet:

In Dark Ages America, the pundit Morris Berman argues that the nation has entered a dangerous phase in its historical development from which there is no return.

As the corporate-consumerist juggernaut that now defines the nation rolls on, the very factors that once propelled America to greatness—extreme individualism, territorial and economic expansion, and the pursuit of material wealth—are, paradoxically, the nails in our collective coffin. Within a few decades, Berman argues, the United States will be marginalized on the world stage, its hegemony replaced by China or the European Union. With the United States just one terrorist attack away from a police state, Berman’s book is a controversial and illuminating look at our current society and its ills.

It’s worth your souls..

قال محمد بن الحنفية إن الله عز و جل جعل الجنة ثمنا لأنفسكم فلا تبيعوها بغيرها


Kings into slaves and slaves into kings..


إن الحرص والشهوة صيرا الملوك عبـيداً وذلك جزاء المفسدين، وإن الصبر والتقوى صيرا العبـيد ملوكاً

احياء علوم الدين

Verily covetousness and carnal desires make kings into slaves, and that is the recompense of the mischief makers.

While patience and being cognizant of Allah’s commands and prohibitions (taqwa) makes slaves into kings.

Iyhaa’ uloom ad-Deen

Benefical website for learning English for Arabic speakers

Very beneficial site for learning English for Arabic speakers

أفضل طريقة لتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية عبر الإنترنت – إنجليزي بود
تعلم اللغة الإنجليزية مجانا مع ملفاتنا صوتية، ونصوص، وتمارين وغيرها مع إنجليزي بود

The Sibaway Institute

So why did they do it?




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