Patience in ease and hardship that’s a real patience…


البلاء يصبر عليه المؤمن والكافر، ولا يصبر على العافية إلا الصديقون

عدة الصابرين

Some of the salaf would say:

The Muslim and kafir both show patience in hardship.

But only the siddiqoon (those truthful to Allah) show patience in ease.

Meaning when it’s hard then we all toughen up and bear it. But only the real mumin shows patience by sticking to the straight path when all is sound.

Ponder over this ayah:

{ ونبلوكم بالشر والخير فتنة } [الأنبياء : من الآية35]

We test you with evil and with good as trial

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