A forced democracy?


Came across this book. Found one particular quote from the back of the book particularly interesting:

‘The mantra in our Western society is that democracy equals freedom and prosperity. But are we in fact imposing our free-market democracy with the same arrogance that colonial missionaries claimed they were civilising poor natives a century ago? Is perhaps democracy merely a fig-leaf to protect strategic interests and access economic markets? Or is it simply that no one has yet had a better idea?


The right perspective…


حكمة أعجبتني

البياض لايعني الجمال
و السواد لا يعني القباحة
فالكفن أبيض ومخيف
والكعبة سوداء وجميلة
والإنسان بأخلاقه ليس بمظهره
ولو كانت الرجولة بالصوت
العالي لكان الكلب سيد الرجال

White does not always equate beauty, just like black does not necessitate monstrosity.

For the shroud that covers the dead is white and it is a frightening sight, yet the ka’bah is black and is a charming sight.

And man is to be admired for his manners and not his outward appearance.

For If manhood was to be measured by the loudest voice, then dogs would be the masters of man.

***I translated this with the meaning in mind and at times left the exact translation in order to create a more coherent message.

Allah hu ‘alam