In order to please Him..

The Arabic is in the picture 
Ibn Rajab رحمة الله عليه writes:
The smell which emanates from the fasting person is better than the fragrance of musk. The semi-nakedness of the Muhrim (the person wearing ihram) who dresses like this in order to visit His house is more beautiful in His sight than wearing suits. 
The wailing of sinners over their own selves out of His fear is superior to tasbih (glorifying Allah سبحانه و تعالى). The submission of the humble ones to His grandeur actually demonstrates their awe. The humility of those who fear His wrath actually demonstrates their dignity. 
The exposure of those who truly love Him is better than concealment. Spending one’s life in order to die in His path is actually a source of life to the person. The hunger of fasting people for His sake actually entails satiation. Their thirst in quest of His pleasure actually entails quenching of their thirst. Those who strive in his service actually experience comfort.

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