The attribution of Kitab al-Ruh to ibn Al-Qayyim

Written by brother Abdul Wahab Saleem

Kitāb al-Rūḥ is accurately attributed to Ibn Al-Qayyim (r). Moreover, contrary to what appears to be circulated by some students of knowledge, he didn’t write this work earlier in his life before he met Ibn Taymiyyah (r). He wrote it later and by some estimations after Ibn Taymiyyah (r) passed away. In fact, he quotes from his Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah (r) in the book itself and mentions him at least 10 times. There are dozens of proofs which verify the attribution of this book to Ibn al-Qayyim (r). 
Sh. Al-Albānī (r) was simply and squarely mistaken when he attempted to cast doubts on the accuracy of the attribution of this book to Ibn al-Qayyim (r) in order to salvage him from the views in his book which al-Albānī (r) thought were wrong. Sh. Muḥammad Najīb al-Mutī‘ī (r) was asked about the accuracy of the attribution of Kitāb al-Rūḥ to Ibn al-Qayyim (r) and he said, ❝This book is certainly Ibn al-Qayyim’s❞. He then mentioned 5 reasons why he can conclusively claim that. Muḥammad Ajmal Ayyūb al-Iṣlāḥī mentioned over twenty reasons why he concluded that it is, in fact, written by Ibn al-Qayyim. He detailed these reasons in his preface to the book. 
Some of these reasons include the fact that this book has been attributed to Ibn al-Qayyim (r) over the centuries without anyone raising an eyebrow by the likes of Ibn Kathīr, Ibn Rajab, Ibn Ḥajar, al-Biqā‘ī, al-Suyūṭī, al-Saffārīnī, and most of all Ibn al-Qayyim himself in other works of his. There are nearly 40 manuscripts of the work scattered around the world. All of them are in agreement that this is, in fact, his book. Last but not least, for more than eight centuries no one had ever raised any doubts about the attribution of this book to Ibn Al-Qayyim (r).
It’s surprising that this unfounded doubt raised by al-Albānī (r) still continues to circulate among students of knowledge. The Shaykh’s doubt was baseless and at best it was a personal feeling which he himself was unsure of. Such things cannot be raised in the circles of knowledge as an alternative view.
P.S. Al-Saffārīnī (r) said about Kitāb al-Rūḥ in al-Buḥūr al-Zākhirah, ❝This book of his is the most important work we have seen on this topic. Rather it is the greatest and most significant work [on this topic]. Whoever aspires for knowledge shouldn’t be ignorant of this book, nor anything in it. Acquire it as it is very beneficial.❞

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