Murder in Samarkand

The Great British drug trade

The price of ‘smart’ phones

The Congolese working at coltan mines say: ‘Those who aren’t strong enough join the army or are gangsters. But the strong ones work here.’ They extract the mineral used in every smartphone, laptop, and even in nuclear reactors. However, they themselves are desperately poor. Watch full documentary

The destruction of zina

The result of what zina does to a society. What’s worse, most of the ‘punters’ are white Europeans but since its not happening on their door step no body cares. It’s just another example of the living colonial mindset.

Did they really willingly abolish slavery

Time line of some of the illuminary scholars of the past 

what just ‘one’ major sin can do to you

The coinage of the term ‘Moslem’ in concentration camps..

Do you know what we mean by a ‘Moslem’? A man who looks miserable, down and out, sick and emaciated, and who cannot manage hard physical labour any longer… that is a ‘Moslem.’
End quote from Man’s search for meaning.

A fascinating phenomena occurred amongst the Jewish prisoners in Aushwiets, and other Nazi camps, whereby extremely sick Jewish prisoners were branded as being a ‘Moslem’ or ‘Muselmaan’.

Sadly, there is not much documented with regards to the reasoning behind this peculiar choose of labelling. However, I found the below article attempting to shed some academic light on the possible cultural, religious, and political allusions for the term ‘Moslem’ ‘Muselmaan’: