What thing amazes you the most…?

قيل للفضيل بن عياض – رحمه الله- ما أعجب الأشياء ؟ فقال :” قلب عرف الله عز وجل ثم عصاه ” . أدب الدنيا و الدين للماوردي

Fudayl bin I’yad رحمة الله عليه was asked:

What thing amazes you the most?

He replied:

A heart that is cognisant of Allah, yet disobeys Him.

Few of the few who bravely…

“Britain used the British Indian Army to complete its conquest of the Indian subcontinent in the Kandyan War of 1818 Ceylon (Sri Lanka); and the Burmese War of 1824-26, in which six of every seven soldiers of the British Indian Army fell as casualties to sickness or war. As late as World War II, among the ‘few of the few’ who bravely defended England against German invasion in the Battle of Britain were Indian fighter pilots, including a doughty Sikh who named his Hurricane fighter ‘Amritsar’.
An era of darkness: The British Empire in India Shashi Taroori