I realised…

قال حاتم الأصم

كان يقال له : لقمان هذه الأمة

‎علمت أن رزقي لا يأكله غيري ، فاطمأنت به نفسي ، وعلمت أن عملي لا يعمله غيري ، فأنا مشغول به ، وعلمت أن الموت يأتي بغتة ، فأنا أبادره ، وعلمت أني لا أخلو من عين الله ، فأنا مستحي منه .

سير أعلام النبلاء

I realised that my sustenance would not be eaten by anyone else except by me, which put me at ease. I realised that no one would perform my actions for me, except me, so I preoccupied myself with it. I realised that death would come to me unannounced so I raced towards it (by preparing for it). And I realised that I can not escape the sight of Allah so I was shy (in forbidden things) from Him.

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