The thing that terrifies Abu Darda’ رضي الله عنه

‏قال أبو الدرداء:


‏إِنَّ أَخْوَفَ مَا أَخَافُ إِذَا وَقَفْتُ عَلَى الْحِسَابِ أَنْ يُقَالَ لِي: قَدْ عَلِمْتَ، فَمَاذَا عَمِلْتَ فِيمَا عَلِمْتَ ؟


‏📝جامع بيان العلم : ٦٨٠/١.

Abu Darda’ رضي الله عنه said:

The thing that terrifies me the most; is when I will be stopped to be taken account (on judgement day) and it will be said to me:

Indeed you did learn, but what did you do with that which you learned?