I wouldn’t exchange my night for his…

قال سعيد بن عامر : قال ابن المنكدر . بات أخي عمر يصلي ، وبت أغمز قدم أمي ، وما أحب أن ليلتي بليلته

سير أعلام النبلاء

The great Imam Muhammad bin al-Munkadir رحمة الله عليه said:

“My brother Umar spent the night in prayer and I spent the night massaging my mother’s feet, and I would not like that I have his night for mine.”

If the stomach is full…

جاء في بعض الآثار:

إذا امتلأت المعدة نامت الفكرة و خرست الحكمة و قعدت الأعضاء عن العبادة

It is said regarding the dangers of overeating:

If the stomach is full, ones ability to think is put to sleep and his ability to act wisely is muted. And his limbs become unable to perform acts of worship.

*I say: it’s not only over eating but wasteful eating. Consuming useless junk food and extremely sugary food can also cause physical and perhaps spiritual damage.