If they are left unrestrained..

In fact, if desires and lusts are left unrestrained, they may become the primary focus of life. People become slaves to their desires, which take complete control of their lives. Their psychological contentment becomes tied to them, so that they find happiness only when these desires are fulfilled.

Ibn Taymiyah states:

“If he attains it [that is, what he desires], he is pleased and if he is unable to attain it, he comes discontented. Such a person is the ‘abd [slave] of what he desires of these matters and he is a slave of it, since slavery and servitude are in reality the enslavement and servitude of the heart. Thus, for whatever enslaves the heart and puts it under its servitude, the heart is then a slave of that object. This is why it is said: The slave [human] is free as long as he is content [with what Allah has given him] and the free one is a slave as long as he desires.

Taken from the book: The prick of a thorn.

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