Sincerity and love of Ibn Abbas for the ummah

قال ابن عباس رضي الله عنه : إني لأسمع الحاكم من حكام المسلمين يعدل في حكمه فأحبه ولعله لا أقاضي إليه أبدا، وإني لأسمع بالغيث يصيب البلدة من بلدان المسلمين فأفرح به وما لي بها سائمة ولا راعية، وإني لآتي على آية في كتاب الله، فوددت أن المسلمين كلهم يعلمون منها مثل ما أعلم

شعب الإيمان

Ibn Abbas said:

“I do not hear of a Muslim ruler who is just in his ruling except that I love him even though I have no dealing with him. I do not hear of rain falling on one of the lands of Muslims except that I am delighted for them even though I have no livestock there. And I do not come across a verse from the Qur’an except that I wish that all Muslims would know of it as I know.”

– Al-Baihaqi in “Shu’ab al-Iman” (Hadith 10624) through a chain of trustworthy narrators

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