One’s home gets bigger…

Abu Huraira said:

إن البيت ليتسع على أهله، وتحضره الملائكة، وتهجره الشياطين، ويكثر خيره؛ إن يقرأ فيه القرآن. وإن البيت ليضيق على أهله، وتهجره الملائكة وتحضره الشياطين، ويقل خيره؛ إن لا يقرأ فيه القرآن

“One’s home gets bigger for its family, becomes inhabited by angels, deserted from the devils and fills with goodness when Qur’an is recited within it. Similarly, one’s home gets tighter for its family, becomes deserted from the angels, inhabited by the devils and decreases in goodness when Qur’an isn’t recited within it.”

(Narrated by Ad-Daarimi)

If His tribulations are so..

إن كان ابتلاء الله شديد فمابالك بعذابه

If the tribulations of Allah can be severe, then what do you think His punishment will be like?

If you were someone who possess knowledge

If you were someone who posses knowledge and someone ignorant argues with you, then turn away from them.

For leaving off answering can be an answer.

And if he was wrong in his speech then stay silent, for in your silence in that which is incorrect, is correct.

One strike fills the whole grave..

Abdullah ibn Mas’ood, (Radhi Allahu Anhu), related that the Prophet Muhammad (Salla’Allaahu Alayhi wa Salam), said:

“One of Allah’s slaves was ordered to be beaten in his grave one hundred times. He never ceased asking and supplicating until it became one strike, so he was struck once and his grave became filled with fire. When he rose up and regained consciousness he said:

‘What did you strike me for?’ They said:

‘You prayed a prayer without purity and you passed someone that was oppressed without helping him’”

[Reported by at-Tahawi in “Mushkil al-Aathar” and graded Hasan (good) by Shaykh al-Albaani in “As-Silsilah as-Sahihah”, number: 2774, and he said: “All of the narrators are trustworthy.”]

Because of his teaching of the Fatiha

قيل عن أبي منصور الخياط

قال السمعاني : رئي بعد موته ، فقال : غفر الله لي بتعليمي الصبيان الفاتحة

سير أعلام النبلاء

Abu Mansoor al-Khayyat (rahimahullah) was seen in a dream after his death. (He was asked, “What did Allah do to you?”)

He replied, “He forgave me, due to me teaching children Surah al-Fatiha”

Increase your joy

Why Nuh was called so..

عن يزيد الرقاشي قال:

إنما سمي نوحا لأنه كان نواحا

حلية الأولياء

It is said: Nuh Allayhi salam was called so, because he was nuwwaah*

The word نواح in Arabic is someone who constantly weeps and is in a state of mourning.

الله المستعان

Want true dreams…

‏▪️قال الإمام ابن القيم -رحمه الله- :

‏« من أراد أن تصدق رُؤْياهُ :

‏- فلْيتحر الصدق

‏- وأكل الحلال

‏- والمُحافظة على الأمرِ والنهي

‏- ولينم على طهارةٍ كامِلةٍ

‏- مُستقبِل القِبلةِ

‏- ويذكُرُ الله حتى تغلِبهُ عيناهُ

فإن رُؤْياهُ لا تكادُ تكذِبُ البتَّة ».


‏📝مدارج السالكين (١/٧٦)

Imam al-Qayyim رحمة الله عليه said:

Whoever wants that his dreams are true, then:

Be constant on the truth,

Eat that which is halal,

adhere actively on enjoying the good and forbidding the evil,

sleep while on a state of purity,

facing the qibla,

remember Allah until sleeps overcomes you.

If you do all this, then your dreams will almost never be false.

*I say, doing all this consistently would make one from the saliheen إن شاء الله.

Allah is angered by this one…

من لم يدع الله سبحانه غضب عليه


قال الإمام الشوكاني

دليل على أن الدعاء من العبد لربه من أهم الواجبات، و أعظم المفروضات؛ لأن تجنب ما يغضب الله منه لا خلاف في وجوبه.

تحفة الذاكرين

The person who does not ask from Allah, Allah سبحانه becomes angry with him.” [at Tirmidhi]

Imam al-Shawkani said:

(This hadith) is proof that supplication from the slave to his Lord is from the most important obligations and and greatest duties. Because, avoiding what angers Allah is something there is no disagreement on its obligation.

Allah is sufficient for those, who follow Rasool صلى الله عليه و سلم

‏قال الشيخ تقي الدين ابن تيمية الحنبلي: كل من كان متبعا للرسول ﷺ كان الله معه بحسب هذا الاتباع، قال الله تعالى: “ياأيها النبي حسبك الله ومن اتبعك من المؤمنين” أي: حسبك وحسب من اتبعك، فكل من اتبع الرسول من جميع المؤمنين فالله حسبه.

‏*منهاج السنة النبوية

Ibn taymeeyah رحمة الله عليه said:

Anyone who follows the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم (by adhering to his teachings). Then Allah is with him in the degree he follows the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم.

Allah says: ياأيها النبي حسبك الله ومن اتبعك من المؤمنين

O Prophet, sufficient for you is Allah and for whoever follows you of the believers.

Surah 8: ayah 64

Meaning: Allah is sufficient is for you (صلى الله عليه و سلم) and for those who *follow* you صلى الله عليه و سلم.

So all those believers who follow the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم Allah is sufficient for them.

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