Special dua for married men

From the duas of Muhammad bin al-Munkadir (ra), a famous muhaddith of the tabi’een: 
اللهم قو ذكري فإن فيه صلاحا لأهلي
“O Allah! Strengthen my private part for in it is a rectification (i.e. keeping in line) of my wife.”
– Ibnul Qayyim (rah), Rawdatul Muhibbeen.

It’s a trick

قال الوزير ابن هبيرة : من مكايد الشيطان: تنفيره عباد الله من تدبر القرآن
لعلمه أن الهدى واقع عند التدبر، فيقول: هذه مخاطرة، حتى يقول الإنسان :
أنا لا أتكلم في القرآن تورعا.
ذيل طبقات الحنابلة (2/ 156)
Al-Wazeer bin hubairah رحمة الله عليه said:
From the tricks of shaytan is to chase the slave of Allah from pondering over the Quran, as he is knows very well that is were guidance lies. So he says to man: This is dangerous (leave of pondering over it).
So man says (after being deluded)
I will not speak about the Quran from fear of contradicting it.
Of course speaking about the book of Allah or deriving fiqhi rulings or doing tafseer is to be done by the experts. But pondering over the Quran is a command for everyone. 
Allah knows best

Don’t be sad

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ابن القيم |

الحزن يضعف القلب، و يوهن العزم ويضر الإراده ، ولا شيء احب الى الشيطان من حزن المؤمن .. لذلك افرحوا واستبشروا وتفاءلوا وأحسنوا الظن بالله وثقوا بما عند الله وتوكلوا عليه وستجدون السعاده والرضا في كل حال ..
Ibn al-Qayyim said:
Sadness weakness the heart and ones determination and harms ones willpower. There is nothing more beloved to shaytan than the sadness of a believer. For that reason be happy and positive and keep good thoughts with regards to Allah and trust in Him and you will surely find happiness and contentment in every situation.

Have your tongue used to saying..


It’s not about being empty handed

The reward of clothing another Muslim…

قال صلى الله عليه و سلم 

ما من مسلمٍ كسَا مسلمًا ثوبًا إلا كان في حفظٍ من اللهِ ما دام منهُ عليهِ خِرقةٌ


The Messenger ﷺ said, “No Muslim clothes another Muslim a garment except that he will be in the protection of Allah so long as a portion of that cloth is still worn by him.” [Al-Tirmidhi]

كلام الأمام الغزالي عن الجهنم

Do not befriend him

يا سلام
قال بعض الحكماء : ” لا تصادق عاقا فإنه لن يبرك وقد عق من هو أوجب منك حقا “.

One of the wise ones said:

“Do not befriend a person who is disobedient to his parents because he will never be good to you, as he has not been good to someone who has a greater right than you.”

Don’t push him away

Shaykh uthaymeen رحمة الله عليه:

It is not allowed to push away a child from his position on the front row.  
Because it is a transgression against his right, breaks his heart, pushes him away from the prayer and a means of planting hatred into his heart.

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