Willing to help InshAllah

This offer is sadly only for brothers.

If any one is in need of someone to listen to their Quran reading, I am available. I have some experience with Hifz and have studied some basic tajweed.

I am not purposing to teach, just to listen. No money involved.

Some requests:

No jokers: Just because no money is involved, that does not mean you can waste my time.

Basic Tajweed: Theory is not essential but correct makharij, ghunna, and madd would be good. Just the bare essentials.

No sisters: Obviously

Would be listening through Skype.

Also I am willing to teach Arabic. The texts I am willing to teach, qassus an-nabiyyeen, the first two volumes of nawhul wadih, matan ajrummiyah, kitaab al-‘ilm by shaykh Uthaymeen, juzz ‘amm by shaykh Uthaymeen. Sharh Arbaeen by shaykh Uthaymeen and ibn Daqeeq. Min adabil Islam by Shaykh Abu Fattah alGhudda.

InshAllah if there other requests you can contact me on:


The offer in Arabic is not for complete beginners but those who have some background and want to further their studies inshAllah.


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