The Rise And Fall Of The Ummah

LYRICS: The catastrophe became eminent in 1924 The might of Islam’s Khilafah was no more The world cornered the Muslims after depleting our core They took out their militaries and came knocking on our doors They then began to invade our countries from every shore They taught us nationalism, tribalism and our unity was out the door They made us pledge to useless flags and brought their kufr to our lands They showed us their culture and we became instant fans We abandoned our religion and so Allah abandoned us We broke our deal with Allah within our mutual trust We were supposed to remain obedient and in Allah place our trust But we fell into sins and were betrayed by our lust Allah sent us a Messenger who taught us success: To aim for Jannah and love this dunya much less But we took the blessings of honor and power for granted So when we strayed from Islam, a wake-up call we were handed The troops of the devil in our nations quickly landed To colonize the Muslims, with their kufr so candid But we still didn’t learn and so soon we became related They were far from Allah and Islam is what they hated We, too loved this Dunya, and our Iman had long faded We didn’t realize that the gates of Jannah are gated Earning Jannah means putting desires to the side If we expect the gates of Paradise to open for us wide But since we abandoned Allah and forgot our religion Allah says Be and so He carries out His decision The worst amongst us were made to lead us But they, too were oppressors and didn’t even feed us Allah withdrew our Khilafah and woke us up to a reality That our success is with Allah and not with ethnic principalities That we need to put our ethnicities and worldly love to the side And hold firmly to the rope of Allah, not swimming with the tide Our return to success as an Ummah resides In following the Prophets’ and Sahaba’s lives In learning about and adhering sternly to the Qur’an and the Sunnah And implementing Allah’s laws collectively as an Ummah To rise back to the top, we must return to our Deen Beginning with our own individual beings Then move onto our families, communites, and nations Establishing with Allah the best of relations So let’s invest in the Aakhira instead of over-enjoying life And be prepared for this means considerable strife The hatred from the mouths of the kuffar continues to emanate The time is for Jihad, and Salam to the Believers who participate Allah’s Messenger, Sal-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said That the Kuffar would attack and Muslim blood would be shed Because we’re obsessed with the Dunya and abandoned Jihad That we love this life and would hate to be dead And until we return to our Deen, this condition remains That we stand humiliated until we rethink our aims We are here to establish Islam on this Earth So by the Will of Allah, let’s give Islam a rebirth!

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