Being the best… even in the ‘small’ matters.

'Small things first'

The ayah is from surah 7:145. Listening to brother Noman Ali khan, he made some fantastic comments enforcing the importance of doing the ‘best you can’. He explained the hikma behind Allah stating He will then show the ‘home of the fasiqeen’ after they take the instructions in the best manner. (His words) ‘This shows the importance of excelling in the ‘small’ matters before one can take on the bigger challenges.’ 

The particular ayah is in reference to when Allah spoke to Musa allayhi salam and the orders are in relevance to Bani Israel.  Bani Israel were later to be commanded to fight Jihad (5:20-26), which they failed miserably in.

And Allah knows best.

*The talk can be found on Bayyinah TV in his tafeer of the mentioned ayah.

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