Terrorist when it suits them..

Former British soldier, Ryan McGee was caught in possession of homemade nail bombs, extreme far right literature and beheading videos. He wrote journals about killing immigrants and “dragging them to hell”.

McGee received 2 years under the Explosives Substance Act 1883.
Compare this to the case of Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Nahin Ahmed, who were handed 13 years each for attending a Syrian rebel training camp, under the Terrorism Act AND their families cooperated with the police.

There wasn’t a SINGLE mentioning of “terrorist” in the media in relation to McGee.
The double standards and hypocrisy is shocking.

‘The Terror Case of Ryan McGee That Never Was’ – My latest article for the Huffington Post UK.

Read and share insh’Allah.
The Terror Case of Ryan McGee That Never Was
Not a single article in the British press mentioned the word ‘terrorist’ in reference to McGee’s case. The hypocrisy and double standards of the British justice system and the media is as clear as daylight….


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