Ex-soldier punched and stomped eight-year-old boy into a coma over an Xbox game


A former soldier brutally beat his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son into a coma because he accidentally deleted a game on his Xbox.

Rocky Donadio, a father-of-two, stomped on the boy’s stomach so hard he permanently damaged his internal organs. The boy will have to be fed through a tube for the rest of his life.

A jury in Comanche County, Oklahoma, took just 30 minutes to find Donadio, 32, guilty of child abuse by injury. He now faces 75 years in jail.

The conviction comes despite an online ‘Donadio is Innocent’ campaign by his sister and former platoon sergeant.

They describe him as a keen angler, who is ‘patient, affectionate, and nurturing to his children as well as to the children to whom he has been a father figure for the past year.’

The boy spent five months in a coma after Donadio punched him and stomped on his stomach because he accidentally deleted his profile on Grand Theft Auto, an ultra-violent video game.

Doctors had to remove part of his pancreas and intestines, and he will probably have to be fed through a tube for the rest of his life, the Seattle Weekly reports.

Donadio and the boy’s mother originally claimed he had fallen off his bed after the attack in August 2009, but detectives began to investigate when hospital officials told them the boy’s injuries were too serious for a minor accident.

Guilty: A jury in Comanche County, Oklahoma, took just 30 minutes to convict Rocky Donadio of child abuse by injury. He faces 75 years in jail

Online campaign: A picture of Rocky Donadio from the blog his sister used to protest his innocence

They then changed their story, claiming he had been wrestling with his brothers and sisters, and then that one of them had jumped off the bed onto his stomach.

But when the boy woke up from his coma, he told police Donadio had repeatedly stomped on him and beaten him as punishment for his mistake.

Captain Will Hines, of the Lawton Police Department, said at the time: ‘The problem we had is the victim in this case was incoherent for the longest time. Detectives could not interview him to ask him what had happened, the other siblings were obviously scared, didn’t know what to do.’

The jury set a 75-year jail term on Thursday, but Donadio will be formally sentenced on April 14.


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